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Mold can make your home miserable to live in and impossible to sell.  Don’t risk your family’s health and compromise the value of your home by hiring unqualified contractors.  At Dryco Restoration Services, our Mold Removal Specialists are professionally trained and IICRC certified.  With our state of the art equipment and years of experience, the Dryco team can help you to identify the source accurately and resolve your mold issues correctly.

Every home and commercial property across the country has some level of mold because buildings are organic.  When an event occurs that causes water to impact the structure such as a storm, ice dam, broken pipe or firefighting efforts, mold can grow quickly leading to an extremely serious situation.

How Does It Work?

Our team of experienced Mold Removal Specialists is equipped to identify areas and sources of mold, treat mold infested locations and employ mold prevention measures in order to avoid future problems.

Don’t wait to address mold problems.  If left untreated, mold is more than just unsightly.  It can compromise the health of those who are exposed; triggering Asthma, allergies and other serious health conditions.

If mold has made its way onto your property, contact Dryco Restoration Services right away.  Our mold remediation experts will arrive on the scene as quickly as possible to assess the problem and recommend an effective professional solution.  At Dryco Inc., we offer professional and IICRC certified mold remediation services. Mold consultations and estimates are $150, cost is waived if you decide to use Dryco on your project.

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