Water Mitigation

When your home or business is threatened by water  or flooding, Dryco Restoration Services has the knowledge and proper equipment to mitigate and completely restore your property and preserve your most valuable assets.  We are an IICRC certified firm and preferred by many insurance companies in the area. We can even help you file your insurance claim! At Dryco, we do whatever it takes to get your home back to 100% in a timely, organized, and professional way.

Excessive moisture in an indoor environment can cause spores to produce common molds in as little as 42-72 hours.  Wet buildings must be dried in a timely manner to prevent significant health risks and secondary damage such as mold and damage to structural elements and contents.  Once a water loss has occurred, the single most important thing to do is to begin proper mitigation.  

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We’re ready to respond when emergencies occur.  A qualified Restoration Specialist will be in touch within fifteen minutes of your call and we will be on-site within two hours.

Water Mitigation Process

  1. Damage Assessment  
  2. Water Extraction
  3. Saturated/Damaged Material Removal
  4. Disinfect to Prevent Mold/Mildew
  5. Start Drying of Structure and Affected Areas
  6. Contents Restoration
  7. Extensive Moisture Testing to Ensure Affected Areas are Completely Dried
  8. Reconstruction

Upon arrival, our professionally trained and certified technicians will first assess the damage and identify the source.  Our technicians use moisture detectors, hygrometers and in some cases, infrared cameras to accurately identify and locate the issue.  The Dryco Emergency Restoration Team will then take proper steps to control the water intrusion and begin the drying and restoration process. 

At this point, water extraction will begin followed by disinfecting, drying out and dehumidification of the structure.  This step includes removing damaged and non-salvageable wet material.  Our technicians will thoroughly dry the structure and contents with state of the art drying techniques.  Our team will monitor every step and map the drying process with specialized testing, exceeding industry standards in order to prevent the growth of mold spores and to ensure you obtain complete recovery.  

When Dryco Restoration Services has completed the mitigation process, the Dryco Construction Division is available to help you to reconstruct your home or business bringing it back to pre-loss condition.

Categorized Water Disasters

Under the IICRC’s S-500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Restoration, water is classified into three categories.  The following information will help you to understand some technical terms and definitions associated with this type of damage.

Category 1

Sanitary Water poses no major health risks to you or your family.  You can drink it, wash with it and inhale it safely.  Most of the water that comes into your home will be Category 1 until it leaves its source such as through a supply line or an appliance.  Category 1 water is also called “Clear Water.”  Once clear water leaves its source, it can quickly become contaminated and deteriorate to Category 2 or 3.  Water with a foul odor is a good indicator that it has been mixed with soil or other pollutants.

Category 2

This water is definitely contaminated and is unsafe for either contact or consumption by you or your family.  Category 2, or Gray Water, is typically “overflow” water from an appliance, toilet, aquarium or waterbed.  Like Clear Water, Gray Water will also deteriorate and become foul smelling.  This process will take less time to become toxic and should not go unattended for long.

Category 3

Black Water and is grossly contaminated and may be highly toxic to you and your family.  This is the most dangerous type of damage.  Black Water may contain raw sewage, pesticides, heavy metals or toxic organic substances.  Unlike the first two categories, Black Water will have a foul smell and is teeming with thousands of disease causing viruses, bacteria and protozoa that can cause very serious illnesses if not properly treated.  Normal water restoration procedures are simply not enough to protect the health of building inhabitants and prevent further property damage.


Your Safety is Our First Concern. Our clients’ health and safety are our primary concerns when a black water loss occurs.  Not only do we have the experience, training and certifications necessary to decontaminate and dry damaged buildings, we also make sure our clients are kept safe throughout the process.   

The Dryco team follows an exclusively developed program to mitigate black water flooding and other sewer related damage.

Restoring the property in the most caring way. We restore property and peace of mind by offering the property owner a detailed understanding of the restoration process.  The property owner is kept informed and the loss documented every step of the way.  We treat each property owner as if they were a family member and their property, as if it were our own.

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