About Us

24 hour Emergency Services 365 Days per year

Mission Statement

Providing a calm presence during emergencies. Bringing our clients high quality service through great communication with a positive and knowledgeable team.

Core Values


Our company has embraced a lean culture and strives to continually improve our systems, processes, and our team as a whole to better serve our clients.


We are here for you during your time of need. We have also developed lasting relationships with plumbers, property managers, agents, and adjusters.


By improving our systems, we increase productivity striving to restore your home quickly and with quality.


We value honesty. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and do what we say we’ll do. We are upfront about our prices and our services.

How it all began…

“I worked for Busy Bee Cleaning, a company owned by my aunt and uncle Steve and Rachel Raisanen. I then went on to work in the construction trades and construction retail until 2009, when the industry slowed down. During this time, I had been talking with Steve Raisanen about the cleaning and restoration business. In the end of 2009, we came up with an agreement, I purchased his equipment and started Dryco Inc. I had training in construction and building science, but lacked knowledge in restoration, so I started my training and got certified in water, mold and fire restoration. Dryco began with the two of us. Slowly we started growing the company, and as our client base and services grew, more employees joined our team. Dryco was started in my garage and as the business grew, we relocated it a few times to get larger facilities. In July of 2016, we purchased a piece of industrial land located off the Ryan Road. We started construction on our current facility near the end of 2016 and moved into it in the spring of 2017.”

Josh Hendrickson, company president

Meet Our Team!

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