Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard situations are oftentimes sensitive matters that require discreet and detailed service. Post-mortem cleanup, blood removal, and hazardous decontamination are all common occurrences. However, when it’s your property and you have never had to deal with such an issue, it can feel as though you are alone in the process.

Whether you are a property management company with thousands of units to account for, or simply a home or business owner looking to have your property cleaned and disinfected using the correct methods, instances of biohazard contamination are never the time to cut corners. Dryco is fully licensed, insured, and experienced in handling a plethora of biohazard situations, so you can be confident that your unique set of circumstances will be taken care of the right way, the first time.

We specialize in:

  • Trauma Clean-up
  • Post-Mortem/Death Cleanup
  • Blood Removal
  • Decontamination
  • Crime scene cleanup 

Our Process


After receiving your call, a professional estimator will arrive on-site to inspect the property and create a plan of action moving forward. As per any laws and regulations in place based on the type of biohazard being treated, our team will wear all appropriate and legally required PPE. We will additionally advise the owner or property manager on their best course of action in regards to PPE for themselves and any other individuals living on the premises


Removal and Cleanup

Our team of certified and experienced technicians will remove any and all biohazardous materials by means of source removal, thorough cleaning, and necessary demolition. The proper source removal will be dependent on the level and type of biohazard contamination present, but no matter the source, we use the best technology and practices available to rid your property of all harmful substances.


Odor Removal

If any odor remains within your property from the source of the biohazard, our team will implement mechanical and chemical treatments to break down residual odors and rid the property of any unwanted smells.


Preferred by local agents and adjusters, Dryco works with all insurances providers

Here’s what others have to say about Dryco:

Elise Lien
in the last week
We had some water damage in our basement guest bedroom. We hardly ever use that room, so the door is always closed. Wednesday at noon I went down there to make up the bed for some guests, and I opened the door to a horrible smell! Found that water had…
JJ Bell
2 weeks ago
We had a sewage backup that caused a flood in our finished basement. Once the plumber got the sewer cleared, and the "water" had drained out, Dryco got to work. They came out the same day I called and stabilized the situation to prevent further damage. They spent most of…
sandra terwey
3 months ago
I handled all aspects of my grandson, Robert Alvillar reconstruction from house fire. Every Dryco employee was extremely professional, polite and did a beautiful job. I am not posting much for pictures as all I have is when storage was delivered back and place is a mess. A couple so…
Jon Reimer
5 months ago
After water backup last winter 2022, the Dryco clean-up team was at one of our client's houses ASAP, making sure that the problem was taken care of right away. Subsequently, the Dryco construction team rebuilt the damaged areas and and the family can enjoy a safe, warm, DRY basement once…
Misha Smith
5 months ago
Great experience working with Dryco! Peter is exceptional and provided consistent communication before, during, and after our commercial project. Having a single point of contact was a huge benefit and alleviated a lot of anxiety. We did a final walkthrough together, which provided me the opportunity to review the work…

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