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Spring 2024 Continuing Education Courses

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Tuesday, April 23rd & Wednesday, April 24th

Back by popular demand - Jonathan May

About Jonathan-After a successful 10-year career in the insurance world, Jonathan May decided to go into business for himself as a full-time entertainer, based out of Des Moines IA. For the last 12 years, he has traveled the Midwest as a professional full-time Magician, performing over 400 shows a year at casinos, clubs, and corporate parties! Although still licensed, Jonathan no longer is active in the Insurance world, but he LOVES to share his enthusiasm towards it through his classes with Cape School for continued education. His high energy and fun-filled CE classes have found a local “following” and he has made several trips to Duluth over the last few years. When was the last time you laughed and had Magic Tricks in your CE Classroom? Don’t miss it!

Black Woods Event Center

195 US-2, Duluth, MN 55810

April 23rd

MORNING COURSE: Ethics In The Insurance Business
continental breakfast included
Time: 8am-12pm
Ethics Credits: MN – 4, WI – 4
Description: This course explains the ethics involved in key insurance business responsibilities. It begins by defining ethics, differentiating between ethics and law, describing prevalent business ethical theory constructs and decision-making tools, and providing an ethical decision-making model. The course then considers the ethical qualities needed to support consistent suitable insurance transactions. It provides examples of unsuitable transactions in all lines and provides exercises for determining how suitability ethics were violated in the examples and how such violations may be avoided. Next, the course tackles the important area of client interest and representation. It considers captive and independent producers and insurance brokers. It lists potential dilemmas that arise based on insurance representation role and demonstrates how these may be addressed through the use of ethics codes and standards. Ethics discovered through examinations and audits is the next topic. The course provides key ethical duties of licensees when examined and provides an exercise to evaluate ethics involved in getting a positive or a negative examination rating. Also included is a comprehensive explanation of the ethical duties owed to the stakeholders in the licensee’s insurance business, including ethical duties to the insurer, clients, business partners, family, and the community. The course concludes with a case study that applies the ethical decision-making model to a conflict of interest situation in the commercial property arena.

LUNCH: Catered by Black Woods Group
included with purchase of course

AFTERNOON COURSE: Pinpointing Claims Fraud Schemes
snacks and beverages included

Time: 1pm-5pm
General Credits: MN – 4, WI – 4
Description: This course describes claim fraud schemes and activities in life, health, property and casualty insurance, workers compensation and government insurance plans. It explains the costs and scope of this pervasive problem. Many examples of recent fraud cases are provided, and methods of identifying fraud in various insurance lines are explored. Current anti-fraud techniques and processes are explored, including important technological innovations in fraud detection. The course also explains claims fraud penalties and enforcement actives. Case studies are provided where the student can evaluate claims scenarios and identify factors that indicate potential fraud.

April 24th

MORNING COURSE: Controlling the Ethics of Insurance Fraud Perpetration
continental breakfast included
Time: 8am-12pm
Ethics Credits: MN – 4, WI – 4
Description: This Course explores the ethic held by perpetrators of insurance fraud. The ethical view of insurance fraud nationally is summarized. Fraud enforcement activities are reviewed in the areas of property insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance and life insurance. A detailed look at the ethic of insurance fraud perpetrators is undertaken. The methods of accomplishing insurance fraud by these perpetrators are examined. Methods for enforcing the ethic of honesty and care by recognizing fraud red flags and by implementing internal controls conclude the course.

LUNCH: Catered by Black Woods Group
included with purchase of course

AFTERNOON COURSE: Errors and Omissions: Specialized Protection for Entities
snacks and beverages included
Time: 1pm-5pm
General Credits: MN – 4
PC Credits: WI – 4
Description: This course provides a thorough exploration of errors and omissions coverage with a special emphasis on E&O for an entity, such as a managed care organization. It describes the components and coverages of E&O policies, and relays the importance of E&O provisions, such as the definition of insured, the definitions of services and activities of the entity, the description of wrongful acts and tailored E&O provisions for various industries. The considerations related to consent to settle options, extended reporting period options, prior acts coverages and duty to defend/no duty to defend options are reviewed. Common exclusions to coverage and the types of liability insurance that would apply to many exclusions are given. Directors and officers coverage is related insurance important to entity errors and omissions protection and is also explained in detail. Private business or entity D&O is highlighted. As an example of entity E&O, Managed Care Organization E&O is explained and its coverages and exclusions are defined and considered. The course conveys the importance of E&O, D&O and an inclusion of information privacy and security (cyber liability) coverage for entities. Case studies that analyze coverages in E&O and D&O are used to equip the student to assess E&O policies that would be appropriate for various entity types.

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