About Us

Our History

Dryco was founded on October 20th, 2009, by our Owner and President, Josh Hendrickson.

What started as a humble endeavor to help others in their time of need, while utilizing a construction background, has developed into an organization that’s helped over one thousand families and businesses recover from property damage.

As many great things do, Dryco started in Josh’s garage and has slowly grown into the state-of-the-art shop we use today. With over 25 full-time restoration specialists, our team is made up of people who are passionate about what they do, and who they help.

Our Mission Statement

Providing a calm presence during emergencies. Bringing our clients high quality service through honest communication with a positive and knowledgeable team.

Our CORE Values

Continuous Improvement: Our company has embraced a lean culture and strives to continually improve our systems, processes, and our team to better serve our clients.

Accountability: Individually and as a team we take ownership for everything we do or say. We see it, we own it, we solve it, we do it and we stand behind it.

Community: We believe in the power of the communities we create and serve during a time of need, our community of team members and in giving back to the communities we live in.

Transparency: Open and honest communication about everything, with everyone.

How we live out these values

Continuous Improvement

Kaizen – A Japanese term that comes from the words: “kai”, meaning change, and “zen”, meaning good.

It is a philosophy that was first introduced to the business world by Toyota in the 1980s, and in the context of a workplace, refers to the practice of making continuous improvements to your operations while eliminating problems that hinder your ability to perform your best.

For Dryco, this means consistent upkeep of our shop and equipment, regular training sessions on useful new skills, and frequent employee check-ins to identify areas in need of improvement.

Training – In addition to the industry required training our employees undergo, we additionally provide supplemental development opportunities whenever possible and whenever requested. The way we see it, if our employees want to grow with us, then we want to grow with them.

DISC Personality Assessments and Coaching – Metamorphosis CCT is a coaching and consulting team that helps to improve Dryco’s individual and team performance. Through assessment, training, and coaching, Metamorphosis is able to help our team members use their unique personality and skill set to their fullest potential.


Scheduling – We keep ourselves accountable to each other through the schedules we create. Our team very often relies on each others’ flexibility to both meet deadlines and remain available for emergencies at all times. For this reason we must put emphasis on the timelines we make for ourselves, but never be unwilling for them to change if need be.

Insurance and Homeowners - Within the restoration industry, the process of completing jobs requires involvement from many different parties. From keeping homeowners happy, safe, and up-to-date, to accurately tracking all work performed for insurance. Dryco is constantly held accountable by both of these entities. We work towards improving the customer and experience, and streamlining communication with insurance every single day. It isn’t always easy, but it forces us to bring out our best.


See how Dryco is involved in the communities we serve:

Duluth Chamber of Commerce Member
Hermantown Chamber of Commerce Member
Lake County Chamber of Commerce Member
Miracle League Sponsor
MSFCA Annual Convention
Heritage Days Parade
Spirit Valley Days Parade
Duluth Honor Guard Annual Golf Tournament
Big I Golf Tournament


Within the Restoration Industry: We are committed to keeping both our clients and insurance entities informed and up-to-date on everything that happens within a claim. We believe in the betterment of the industry, and acknowledge that we have a responsibility to build trust if we are to expect improvement.

As a Contractor: We are committed to craftsmanship-level quality, as well as industry-leading speed. Because of this, we stand by the work we perform, and we acknowledge that we may not always be the cheapest option for insurance carriers to employ.