Dryco is Hiring!

Become a part of something bigger.

Dryco is actively hiring for 3 different positions within our Mitigation department! We are seeking 3-4 energetic candidates to join our team; those who enjoy helping people during a time of need, working in a wide variety of situations, and using their hands to accomplish something worthwhile, are well suited for restoration.

What’s available:

  1. Restoration Laborer
  2. Water Mitigation Technician
  3. Restoration Foreman

Why work at Dryco?

Dryco is a local, independently-owned small business that is focused on its people above all else. We understand that the work we do is not possible without each individual, as every one of us plays a crucial role in serving our clients.

We offer competitive pay, industry-leading benefits, bonuses, apparel, tools, and most importantly, a positive work environment.

If you’ve been missing a feeling of fulfillment in the work you do, look no further than our team!

Who is Dryco, and what the heck is Mitigation?

Dryco was founded in 2009 by our owner and president Josh Hendrickson. For nearly 15 years, we have been providing the Northland with premium restoration services after emergency water, mold, and fire damage.

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Mitigation is the first line of defense in property damage recovery. You facilitate construction-focused projects and act as a liaison between your team members, the property owner, and insurance professionals. Oftentimes, you are responding to urgent situations, and your actions have a direct impact on the outcome of a project.

Within the restoration industry, there are built-in growth opportunities for those who wish to expand their skills and knowledge. The available mitigation positions exist on a spectrum, and each one develops into the next. Beyond that, there are opportunities in sales and management roles to further advance your career!

Here is what a 5-year plan looks like at Dryco: 

Year 1 – 2

Skill Development in the field as a Technician or Laborer

  • Working directly under a Foreman and with other technicians on a wide variety of projects, in and around the Duluth area. You will experience jobs ranging in scope from water extraction, to fire demolition, mold remediation, and more as you gain knowledge of how to effectively mitigate property damage.
  • As your capabilities grow, so too do the opportunities for added responsibility. During this time you will begin to manage your own jobs, and develop as a leader.

2 IICRC Certifications

  • IICRC certifications provide you with professional designations . These trainings are conducted by industry professionals, off-site, and conclude with formal testing. When you pass, you receive a license that demonstrates your qualifications and authority within the world of restoration.
  • With more than 27 courses in total, The first course you take will certify you in the realm of water damage. From there, you have a multitude of options that you can explore based on your interests!

*Courtesy of Barker-Hammer Associates*

Year 3 – 4

Promotion to Foreman

  • During this period, those who have shown the ability to successfully execute jobs, effectively lead people, and most importantly, instill a sense of our core values, will be promoted into the role of foreman. With this promotion comes the added responsibilities of: managing more than one job at a time, directly supervising individuals and teams of technicians, and spearheading projects like training new employees, creating SOP’s, and improving customer experiences.
  • Foremen continue to improve their skills during this time, and gain more advanced certifications in the industry.

Company Van

  • As a foreman, you will have your own designated work van, which will be your personal “station”. All of the necessary tools and equipment will be located in this van, and you will be tasked with keeping everything organized, but also, to your liking.

Dryco company van used to respond to property damage emergencies.

Pay Raise! 

  • While raises are common occurrences for high performers throughout their time at Dryco, the jump from technician to foreman is a substantial leap that comes with a substantial bump in wage. As a foreman, you are a trusted leader within the company, and we want to give you all the resources you need to succeed in that role!

Year 5

Carve your Path

  • After 5 years, you will likely have an idea of where you would like your career to go next within Dryco, and the restoration industry as a whole. This is the time when you can explore your options, and choose a path that best suits you. Whether that means staying in production, moving to sales, or pivoting to a different management role, we want to grow with you!

Interested in learning more?

Apply online, or give us a call to take your first steps towards a career in restoration!