Contents Cleaning

When you’re impacted by property damage, the effects are often shared with the contents and belongings within your home or business. Fire spreads smoke and soot in every direction, mold growth multiplies onto nearby objects, and water soaks through everything it touches.

While there are many contents and materials in your home that can be easily replaced, there are plenty of others that are harder to lose. Expensive furniture, rare collectables, and sentimental belongings are all contents that should be saved before being replaced.

Dryco specializes in cleaning contents afflicted by property damage and is able to save more of what's damaged by smoke, soot, mold, and water. Before throwing these contents away, talk to Dryco and your insurance provider about our content recovery capabilities.

We use Esporta wash system technologies and fireline ultrasonic cleaning equipment to take on stubborn contaminants and stains that normal methods can’t handle.

Our ultrasonic unit sends high-frequency sound waves to scrub and wash away the surface of your contents, perfect for hard goods like fine china, and cutlery. For the softer side, our esporta machine is capable of cleaning more than 95% of soft goods impacted by heavy smoke and soot, hazardous waste water, trauma, and more.

Learn more about Esporta at their site, and how we use their products to save more of your contents!

We specialize in:

  • Soft goods cleaning
  • Hard goods cleaning
  • Smoke & soot cleaning
  • Odor removal

Our Process


Whether Dryco is currently working on your property, or you would like our team to look at something new; we inspect the area and your belongings to establish the source of the damage and evaluate the likelihood of each item's recovery.

There aren’t many things we can’t save, but if damage has been present for an extended period, or you’ve attempted to clean and dry the contents multiple times, our chances of success may be lowered.

Pack Out

Next, we remove your belongings, pack them neatly into our storage vessels, and bring them to our in-house cleaning facility for detailed care.



Once at Dryco, our dedicated crew of contents specialists will employ any and all measures to make your belongings hazard, stain, and odor free.
always driven to save and restore before we replace, but your safety will always take precedence when determining what can be saved. Once the affected area(s) is secured, drying can begin.


Pack Back

Your contents are restored, packaged, and returned to your property, so you can get back to using the things that make your home whole.

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Preferred by local agents and adjusters, Dryco works with all insurances providers

Here’s what others have to say about Dryco:

Darrell Jacobson
a week ago
Dryco repaired damage to my house caused by extreme snow loads on my roof. Repairs included replacement of trusses, roofing materials, and sheetrock. All employees and subcontractors were highly professional. They always had the knowledge, tools, and supplies to get the job done and on time.
John LaTour
a week ago
Dryco was prompt with an assessment of our problem. Their estimate was thorough and easy to send to our insurance company. Their technicians were professional and easy to work with. The problem areas were remediated thoroughly and everything was left neatly cleaned. Very satisfied
Jeffrey Foley
a month ago
I had Dryco come to our house after a recent flood of our basement and do the demo and cleaning. I was very impressed by the response and the communication of the company along with their work, knowing that they were receiving many calls after recent flooding. It appears this…
Maria Wood
a month ago
Dryco is knowledgeable, professional, and does excellent work. My crawlspace flooded. Peter gave us a reasonable estimate and worked with our insurance. company. He was happy to answer all my questions regarding the cleaning products and mold/mildew removing products they use. This is important because I have allergies and asthma.…
Julie Bellehumeur
3 months ago
Working with Dryco has been a wonderful experience! A leak in the attic caused my bedroom ceiling to fall onto the floor!!! Dryco was great at explaining the mitigation work and insurance process; they answered all of my many questions; they were quick and responsive when I had follow up…

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